The Uncertain Future of Blogging

The article, talks about the slow death of blogging.

“The idea of user-generated content was once almost exclusively owned by blogging. Blogging was the conversation, blogging was the vehicle, blogging was the network.”

“Now blogging plays a very small role in all of those things.”

The article states that the trend nowadays, is immediacy of information. Therefore, Twitter has an obvious advantage against blogging. It is stated that some of the bloggers nowadays, have been caught in a shift away from production values to immediacy. They value posting more blogs, rather than posting a few blogs which are really informative.

The article also talks about how blogging loses to Twitter.

Latency is one of the main factors. Blogs publish their news after the news get posted on Twitter. Therefore, the value of blogs as a source of breaking news is slowly losing its audience to faster sites (Twitter).

Very little innovation is also a main factor. Over the course of 5 years, there has been no significant changes in the layout and structure of the blog. More importantly, no change is present about how the reader interacts with the blogger (which is by giving a comment or messaging the author by e-mail).

The article then concludes that if blogs are to survive, they need to change. Blogging needs to take on a new form, to provide immediacy of news and good production standards at the same time.


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