WordPress 2.5

As written in WordPress, WordPress 2.5 is the result of 6 months work by the WordPress Community. It is a blog publishing system written in PHP, which is made available to the public in 25 April 2008. This WordPress 2.5 is widely used in various blogging sites, one such site is Edublogs.org. We could see that the dashboard in which we manage our blog site have changed slightly, this is all because of WordPress 2.5

There are a lot of new features which is implemented in this new version. These features are implemented as a result from numerous feedbacks from bloggers. Some of these features include new dashboard widgets, multi-file upload, and improved tag management. To see a full list of these features, visit WordPress.

Just like any new technology, this WordPress 2.5 is not free from bugs and errors. Some bloggers say that they encountered parse errors after upgrading to 2.5. Altough they all managed to get help in repairing the bugs, this shows that WordPress 2.5 is still quite buggy.

The WordPress crew stated:
“As always with WordPress, we don’t claim any of these features to be perfect, or to be better than everyone else in the world, but they are done by and for the people and the one thing we do promise is that with every release we listen and do our best to improve.”

Overall, it is a very nice update from the WordPress.

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