Perspectives and Legal Issues for Bloggers: Surviving in the Blogosphere

According to, a book by the title of “Perspectives and Legal Issues for Bloggers: Surviving in the Blogosphere” is currently being developed. Peter Black and Kelley Burton are the ones who lead this project. Anyone can contribute to the content of the book, people are invited to write chapters for the book as written in the website. Some examples of topics that are recommended to be written include:

  • Theories of education that support the use of blogs in education to enhance learning
  • Benefits and limitations of using blogs as a research tool
  • Ethical and political issues of blogs
  • Blogs as a pop culture trend and the notion of the everyman celebrity

The objective that the book is trying to achieve:

“The scope and influence of the blogosphere is rapidly expanding and the overall objective of this book is to bring together in a single collection: advice and caution on how to develop blogs; analysis of legal issues pertaining to blogs; and discussion of how blogs can aid teachers, researchers and students alike. This book is multi-disciplinary and will have a wide international readership. In particular, it will be of interest to people associated with information technology and creative industries, legal practitioners, academics, teachers, researchers and students.”

I think that this book is a good idea, because anyone can contribute to the content of the book. Although it makes the integrity of the information slightly diminished, it is still a good idea because the book will contain facts given from various people.

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