Web 2.0 Expo 2008

Recently (22 to 25 April 2008), there is a Web 2.0 Expo in San Fransisco. In this conference, powerful web 2.0 figures such as FaceBook, Multiply and Myspace gather together to discuss about the topic, “What will you do with the power of web 2.0?“.

Basically, this conference asks these huge figures of web 2.0 these kind of questions:

“What tools and applications are right for a given project? How can we provide a more meaningful experience for users and customers? How can we have a positive impact on the world we live in? What are the ways we can create more value for our businesses? How do we gather and focus datapoints to deliver relevant information? How can we increase conversation and collaboration?”

From the point of view of bloggers, active bloggers will find this event very useful whether they attend it or not. If they attend it, they will understand more about where the future is taking blogs. They will be more aware about how blog developers are trying to further develop their blog hosting sites to meet the needs of the consumers.

If they do not attend this event, they will still get some benefit. The higher-ups of the blogging corporation are attending this conference, and those people will surely bring back fresh, new ideas to the blogging corporation. The corporation will then implement these new ideas to their blog hosting sites to improve customer satisfaction.

The highlights of the conference can be viewed here, while the main page of the conference is here.

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