Blogs as a Marketing Power of a Business

Blog is indeed a very powerful marketing tool for a business. Some people even earn income just by blogging.

Marketing blogs in a business is useful beacause:

  • It can be a good customer service website
  • It can divert some traffic away from the business’ main website
  • It can attract more customers with eye-catching blogs

Here is a few tips on making a good marketing blog from Marketing Pilgrim and

1.  Always keep in mind that your blog post have two audiences. Google and the People who are interested in the business. The title of the blog needs to appeal to both sides, so we need to think of a creative name which contains keywords that is frequently used by people who search at Google. Doing so will bring in more traffic to the blog, and thus it helps the marketing of the business.

2. Always update the blog regularly. For enthusiasts in the business, the marketing blog serves as a daily newspaper which informs them of how the business is doing. The business will need to write a blog post regularly to make people not bored with the blog and to keep customers informed about news regarding to the business.

Remember that starting a blog is very easy, but turning it into an effective marketing tool for a business is tough work. We need time and dedication if we want to create an effective marketing blog.

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