Six Apart Connects FaceBook and Blogs

Just yesterday (04/16/2008), a new application has been introduced in FaceBook. This application (Blog It) made FaceBook users able to post their blog into multiple sites at the same time. “Six Apart”, the group behind the development of this application stated that they are taking a step forward in destroying social networking barriers.

“By bridging the gap between blogging and social networking, Six Apart brings social tools to bloggers all over the Web no matter the publishing platform they use,” said David Recordon, the open platforms tech lead at Six Apart.

I think that bloggers who use FaceBook will be very happy with this application. At the same time, they can write into their blogs while they are socializing with FaceBook. Basically, it’s like killing 2 birds with one stone.

The complete article about this issue could be found at

3 thoughts on “Six Apart Connects FaceBook and Blogs

  1. so how does this tool useful? because, i dont think many people who want to read blogs, i dont think they’d go to facebook expecting to read blogs. and i also like to know more on how this application work technically.

  2. Well, your post is quite informative, but how do we understand how this application works from someone who’s retired from blogging and social networking sites?

  3. @nandi:
    Maybe the majority of the society don’t go to FaceBook to read/write blogs, but some blogging addicts do. For blogging addicts, this application might prove to be useful.

    I don’t actually know how it works, because I don’t use it. According to this application’s page at FaceBook, when you create a post from FaceBook the application will update your post to your other blogs. It also ensures that all your contacts receive a notification of your new post.

    Well, I can’t use the application now because I already retired from FaceBook. Why don’t you have a go with the application yourself? If I remember correctly, you have a FaceBook account. If you want to know how this application work, just have a play around with it. It’s better to experience things with your own eyes, don’t you think so ?

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