The Uncertain Future of Blogging

The article, talks about the slow death of blogging.

“The idea of user-generated content was once almost exclusively owned by blogging. Blogging was the conversation, blogging was the vehicle, blogging was the network.”

“Now blogging plays a very small role in all of those things.”

The article states that the trend nowadays, is immediacy of information. Therefore, Twitter has an obvious advantage against blogging. It is stated that some of the bloggers nowadays, have been caught in a shift away from production values to immediacy. They value posting more blogs, rather than posting a few blogs which are really informative.

The article also talks about how blogging loses to Twitter.

Latency is one of the main factors. Blogs publish their news after the news get posted on Twitter. Therefore, the value of blogs as a source of breaking news is slowly losing its audience to faster sites (Twitter).

Very little innovation is also a main factor. Over the course of 5 years, there has been no significant changes in the layout and structure of the blog. More importantly, no change is present about how the reader interacts with the blogger (which is by giving a comment or messaging the author by e-mail).

The article then concludes that if blogs are to survive, they need to change. Blogging needs to take on a new form, to provide immediacy of news and good production standards at the same time.


BlogNet Blog Awards

On September 1, 2008, BlogNet Awards announced the very latest virtual Blog Awards contest where practically anyone can attend.

BlogNet Awards announces a unique and exciting way to win money while promoting your favorite blogs. By taking part in this innovative contest, you can win cash and other prizes; all while getting intense exposure for your own blogs or website.”

The virtual trophy for this event is given away monthly and annually to the best blog within a certain criteria, e.g blogs about health. The winners are chosen by the general public, by voting and commenting their blog. The general public can also win cash prizes just by nominating and commenting, the cash prize ranges from $50 – $250.

This contest is not just about the cash prizes, it is also about promoting blogs and helping everyone develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the incredible benefits of blogging. This is because the participants will earn FREE exposure within the world of blogging.

Sample image from Blognet Awards:


Blog directly to WordPress from your iPhone

WordPress for iPhone

Recently, WordPress announced that there is a new application available on Apple’s App Store which will let people blog directly from their iPhone. The blog application, is compatible with the original iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch. This particular application will work with any blogs which have WordPress 2.51 or higher installed within.

I have downloaded this application myself to test it out in an iPhone. It certainly works, but there are certain minor flaws that I have found. The application crashes when I first tried to add my blog site into the application, but after re-installing the application it worked. I noticed that the application lags for a long time when trying to publish a blog, and sometimes the application fails at publishing the blog. Hopefully, these flaws will be fixed soon by the developers.

Here is a review from

In my opinion, this WordPress for iPhone application will be very useful for people who like to blog while on-the-go. Personally, I’d prefer to blog from my computer because I’m more comfortable with the interface and the keyboard, but that’s just my opinion. Overall, it is a great application for people who like to blog anywhere and anytime.

WordPress 2.5

As written in WordPress, WordPress 2.5 is the result of 6 months work by the WordPress Community. It is a blog publishing system written in PHP, which is made available to the public in 25 April 2008. This WordPress 2.5 is widely used in various blogging sites, one such site is We could see that the dashboard in which we manage our blog site have changed slightly, this is all because of WordPress 2.5

There are a lot of new features which is implemented in this new version. These features are implemented as a result from numerous feedbacks from bloggers. Some of these features include new dashboard widgets, multi-file upload, and improved tag management. To see a full list of these features, visit WordPress.

Just like any new technology, this WordPress 2.5 is not free from bugs and errors. Some bloggers say that they encountered parse errors after upgrading to 2.5. Altough they all managed to get help in repairing the bugs, this shows that WordPress 2.5 is still quite buggy.

The WordPress crew stated:
“As always with WordPress, we don’t claim any of these features to be perfect, or to be better than everyone else in the world, but they are done by and for the people and the one thing we do promise is that with every release we listen and do our best to improve.”

Overall, it is a very nice update from the WordPress.

Source: WordPress

Perspectives and Legal Issues for Bloggers: Surviving in the Blogosphere

According to, a book by the title of “Perspectives and Legal Issues for Bloggers: Surviving in the Blogosphere” is currently being developed. Peter Black and Kelley Burton are the ones who lead this project. Anyone can contribute to the content of the book, people are invited to write chapters for the book as written in the website. Some examples of topics that are recommended to be written include:

  • Theories of education that support the use of blogs in education to enhance learning
  • Benefits and limitations of using blogs as a research tool
  • Ethical and political issues of blogs
  • Blogs as a pop culture trend and the notion of the everyman celebrity

The objective that the book is trying to achieve:

“The scope and influence of the blogosphere is rapidly expanding and the overall objective of this book is to bring together in a single collection: advice and caution on how to develop blogs; analysis of legal issues pertaining to blogs; and discussion of how blogs can aid teachers, researchers and students alike. This book is multi-disciplinary and will have a wide international readership. In particular, it will be of interest to people associated with information technology and creative industries, legal practitioners, academics, teachers, researchers and students.”

I think that this book is a good idea, because anyone can contribute to the content of the book. Although it makes the integrity of the information slightly diminished, it is still a good idea because the book will contain facts given from various people.

Web 2.0 Expo 2008

Recently (22 to 25 April 2008), there is a Web 2.0 Expo in San Fransisco. In this conference, powerful web 2.0 figures such as FaceBook, Multiply and Myspace gather together to discuss about the topic, “What will you do with the power of web 2.0?“.

Basically, this conference asks these huge figures of web 2.0 these kind of questions:

“What tools and applications are right for a given project? How can we provide a more meaningful experience for users and customers? How can we have a positive impact on the world we live in? What are the ways we can create more value for our businesses? How do we gather and focus datapoints to deliver relevant information? How can we increase conversation and collaboration?”

From the point of view of bloggers, active bloggers will find this event very useful whether they attend it or not. If they attend it, they will understand more about where the future is taking blogs. They will be more aware about how blog developers are trying to further develop their blog hosting sites to meet the needs of the consumers.

If they do not attend this event, they will still get some benefit. The higher-ups of the blogging corporation are attending this conference, and those people will surely bring back fresh, new ideas to the blogging corporation. The corporation will then implement these new ideas to their blog hosting sites to improve customer satisfaction.

The highlights of the conference can be viewed here, while the main page of the conference is here.

Blogs as a Marketing Power of a Business

Blog is indeed a very powerful marketing tool for a business. Some people even earn income just by blogging.

Marketing blogs in a business is useful beacause:

  • It can be a good customer service website
  • It can divert some traffic away from the business’ main website
  • It can attract more customers with eye-catching blogs

Here is a few tips on making a good marketing blog from Marketing Pilgrim and

1.  Always keep in mind that your blog post have two audiences. Google and the People who are interested in the business. The title of the blog needs to appeal to both sides, so we need to think of a creative name which contains keywords that is frequently used by people who search at Google. Doing so will bring in more traffic to the blog, and thus it helps the marketing of the business.

2. Always update the blog regularly. For enthusiasts in the business, the marketing blog serves as a daily newspaper which informs them of how the business is doing. The business will need to write a blog post regularly to make people not bored with the blog and to keep customers informed about news regarding to the business.

Remember that starting a blog is very easy, but turning it into an effective marketing tool for a business is tough work. We need time and dedication if we want to create an effective marketing blog.

Six Apart Connects FaceBook and Blogs

Just yesterday (04/16/2008), a new application has been introduced in FaceBook. This application (Blog It) made FaceBook users able to post their blog into multiple sites at the same time. “Six Apart”, the group behind the development of this application stated that they are taking a step forward in destroying social networking barriers.

“By bridging the gap between blogging and social networking, Six Apart brings social tools to bloggers all over the Web no matter the publishing platform they use,” said David Recordon, the open platforms tech lead at Six Apart.

I think that bloggers who use FaceBook will be very happy with this application. At the same time, they can write into their blogs while they are socializing with FaceBook. Basically, it’s like killing 2 birds with one stone.

The complete article about this issue could be found at

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